The Games in Mind

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This section of the website is still under construction.

Soon you will find infos, images and previews of all the games we are
developing on iPad (and also on other tablet and smartphones).

KaleidosGames cooperates with several Italian sotware houses and
also with the Politecnico of Milan, creating new and original ideas and
helping young programmers to start working in the videogame market,
promoting their creativity and visionary talent.
From table to tablet
Count2Ten is the first APP designed and published
by us. Is a party game for up to six player. Object of
the game is to lift the finger from the screen after
exactly 10 seconds. Player play all together, putting
their fingers on the screen and than start caounting.
The player with the best guess wins.

Watches, wall clocks or any other tool to measure
time are not allowed, you must keep the beat and it
is much more difficult than it seems.

The trick is not to be distracted by your friends or by
the noises and images coming from your iPad!
Magnifico Count2Ten KaleidosPuzzle