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When you use a tank, you must roll up to 6 dice and check if
"something is going wrong". The only one thing you care are the
"explosions" (on every die there is the symbol of an explosion on
one side). To work at it's maximum firepower a tank need no
explosions so it's quite easy to understand that the more dice you
roll the more chance you get to produce at least a single explosion.
A single explosion means the tank's working at just half power, two
explosions mean the loss of the tank (if you are using the highly
suggested optional rules) and three explosions mean the loss of the
tank and of all of your infantry men. This is a real disaster, so it's
very important to know the odds. While it's really easy to calculate
the chance to produce a specific event rolling a single die, when
you roll two or more dice the odds can be surprisingly different to
the expected ones. In the chart below we have summarized the
percentages to get at least one, two or three explosions depending
on the number of dice rolled.

  Dice rolled





Chance to get
at least:
One explosion 67% 60% 52% 42% 31%
Two explosions 26% 20% 13% 7% 3%
Three explosions 6% 4% 2% 0,5% -
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