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Set up: players start the game controlling a country with a castle, 6
infantrymen and 200 florins. The game starts with the auction phase.

Double explosion: when you are using a tank during a combat, if you roll
a double explosion you loose your tank, but you infantrymen don't suffer
any casualty. Remove the tank from the board and put it back to the
stock. This new rule replaces only the "double explosion" rule written on
the manual. The "three or more explosions" rule is still in play.

Self destruction: a player is allowed to self destruct any of his tank or
plane. Player can self destruct his tanks and/or planes during his own
turn, but also during a combat, to avoid them to be captured by enemy. A
player can choose to self destruct his own tanks and/or planes during his
own combat phase, before rolling any die. A player is not allowed to self
destruct his tanks and/or planes during the combat phase of another
player. Tanks and/or planes self destruct are put back to the stock and
can be purchased in next turns by any player.

Invading Tanks and Planes: the total number of tanks and planes in the
invading army can't exceed the number of infantrymen of that army. That
is, if you are invading with 4 infantrymen, you can't add more than 4
planes or tansk or any combination of both not exceeding 4.

Vps: 2 points for the leader, 1 point for the second (in case of a tie
between two or more players in the second place, no points for them). In
case of a tie for the leading position, all those players score 1 point (no
points for the "second" place).
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