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Magnifico Count2Ten KaleidosPuzzle

Based on the board game of
the same title, Magnifico is a
turn based, "Risk-like" game
set in europe during the XVI
century. The game is
designed around the the idea
of what could be the
renaissance world with the military inventions of Leonardo da Vinci
actually working.

The game is playable on the mobile OS (Apple, Android) as well as
on the PC and MAC.

Depending on the store, there can be in-app purchase options to
add new weapons and new scenarios.

The game, developed by Mixel, is distributed internationally by
Slitherine ltd.

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will let you discover the
visionary world of Leonardo
da Vinci, playing with many
of the umbelievable
inventions designed by the
Italian genius, but never
produced during the
XVI century.