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“magnifico” is everything and anything Leonardo da Vinci had ever
imagined, but “magnifico” is also the player who will succeed in giving life
to Leonardo's inventions. The game board represents a map of 16th
century Europe, divided into 32 territories and 4 sea zones and player
compete in conquering victory points at the end of every game turn.

We are working on a card game edition that's scheduled in 2014, but in
the meantime you can read some very interesting previews of Magnifico
on: boardgamegeek, DiceTower, Drake's Flames and Fortress
In this game, players compete to receive the title of
"Magnifico" by attempting to conquer Europe at the
beginning of the 16th century. To achieve their goal,
players need to use military strategy, wise economic
planning, and Leonardo da Vinci's amazing creations.

In ancient time, in Italy, the word Magnifico meant
“magnificent” but also “lavish”. This is the reason why
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MAGNIFICO: Da Vinci's Art of War
Da Vinci's War,
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