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The game comes with four identical sets of ten paintings,
each depicting a different scene full of small hidden objects.
Each of up to four players or teams uses their own set,
placed on cardboard easels. Paintings are identified by a
number so that everyone can load an identical scene onto
their easel. One player draw a card from the deck and the
card shows a letter. Everyone gets the time of a sandglass to
write down as many things beginning with that letter as they
can find in the scene. Each word can be used only once also
if objects with the same name can be identified inside the
KALEIDOS: the game of hidden images
Once time has expired, players read through their lists. Any object on
multiple lists scores just one point for those who wrote it, while any item
unique to a single list scores three points.

The game, originally published by the Italian company Editrice Giochi, is
now published in a multilingual version for the European market by
Interlude (with Ystari as copublisher) in a very smart tin box.

Artworks by Elena Prette and Marianna Fulvi.

Game design by Spartaco Albertarelli.
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