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FABFIB: a game for real liars
Game concept: each player receive three cards numbered 1 to
9 and he must put them in descending order declaring a three
digits number (in example: 653). The player on his left can
"accept" the declaration or say "liar". If he accepts, he takes the
cards, can secretly discard one or more, and draw as many
discarded card from the deck. Again, he must declare a three
digit number, higher than the previous one.

Seems easy: every turn the declared number must be higher
than the previous one so, sooner or later, a player will be forced
to lie, always keeping in mind that the three digits of the declared
number must be in descending order (765 is ok 675 is wrong).
Seems easy, but you can't imaging how difficult is to lie without
making a stupid mistake!

The strategy of the liars: on every cards there are up to 3
symbols. When you are caught lying, you loose as many points
as the total amount of symbols on the cards you have in your
hand, so it's important to pass to the next players the highest
valued cards, lying in the same time!

FabFib is printed by the Japanese company New Game Order.

FabFib has been published for the
Japanese market, but English rules 
are included in the box.

You don't need to speak Japanese
to be a liar!
A game designed by Spartaco Albertarelli.