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Game components:

30 dice in 5 different colour
110 cards
The rules.

Object of the game:

To gain the most points over four stages of a race. Points are won
by moving dice into the leading group and matching your Secret
Target Card with those dice.

The rules:

You can read the rule of the game here

Kaleidos DiceRun Coyote FabFib Magnifico
DiceRun is a crazy race.
The players move the dice on the
table playing special movement
cards, trying to keep in the leading
group the dice matching their
secret target cards.

Every race is divided in 4 stages
and the player can choos between
4 different target cards for best
scoring. As long as tha race goes
on, winning a stage means scoring
more points, so a long term strategy
is very important, because at the
end of every stage the race
continues without any change in the
position of the dice.

DiceRun is a casual game for
3 to 6 players.