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COYOTE: laugh and bluff
When you hear a coyote laughing, begin to worry since it might
be laughing at you. - Ancient Indian Saying

Game concept: each player wears a bandana around his head
with a “feather” inserted in a sort of "pocket". The feathers have
numbers printed on them and the game goal is to guess the
value of all the feathers without knowing your own. If you can
guess the correct value, you win! Seems easy, but there are
several "feathers" with spacial values that can completely
change the figures. Useless to say, that damned "feather" is
always on your head!Coyote is a game of bluff and guess for 3-6
players, ages 12 and up.
Game Components:
30 Cardboard feathers
20 Cardboard coins
6 Fabric Bandanas
12 Adhesive Velcro buttons
A multilingual rulebook
A new edition of a classic: the game was published for the first time in  
2003 by the company KidultGame and than reprinted by Ravensburger,  
with the title PowWow, in 2006. This new edition of the game is more  
similar to the original one and has been published by the Italian company  
Oliphante in 2010.  

A game designed by Spartaco Albertarelli.  
Art by Chiara Vercesi.