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A simple party game to be
played on your iPad.

Available for the download in
the Apple Store at 0,99$
The game rule are realy straightforward:

1. Place the iPad in the centre of the table.
2. Choose the number of players.
3. Accept the "Honor Code" rule.
4. Touche the screen all together with a finger.
5. When tha last player touches the screen the secret coutdown start.
6. When you feel that the countdown reached exatcly 10 seconds, lift your
finger from the screen.
7. The players who goes coloser to the goal wins the round.
8. Sounds easy? Try it and you'll disscover some "surprise".

You can choose to play in the standard mode (always 10 seconds) or in
the "random mode" (the time is choosen randomly at the beginning of
every round of play).
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